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Media Traffic Meltdown – Media Buying Home Study Video Course $67

Media Traffic Meltdown – Media Buying Home Study Video Course

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Media Buying often sounds like a bold word to regular or even advanced internet marketers. We are taught to use SEO, and tons of free traffic generation methods (which are so time consuming that we most of the time switch from one method to another without any results). Media Buy is just a way to purchase traffic from website (general not search engines), by placing your banner ads, or your links on these web properties.

That said, Media Buying is big for a reason:

Big companies only use Google for branding because Google owns ONLY 6% of the Internet Traffic! Big companies and major internet real estates get their traffic from MEDIA BUY because that’s where the real traffic is!

That said, are you willing to miss 94% of the Internet Traffic? It’s like the missing matter in the universe except that Media Buy is proven to exist and can be activated in just a few minutes. Which is the beauty of Media Buy. No need to rank for a keyword, to write tens of posts, to publish your content on gazillions of Web 20 properties (squidoo, hub), and finally no need to pray for Google and other search engines to come, visit and possibly index your webpages.And when you’re ranked, no need to pray that you won’t lose your rankings because the Big G has decided to change his mind and to stop loving your content.

Media buy is direct, targeted and provide immediate metrics and results. And this is why I am using it on daily basis.

Now think at this: if Google gets so much traffic (as we all know) but still accounts for only 6% of all the Internet Traffic…your head might start spinning thinking at the traffic potential you can reach through media buy.

Now, there’s a lot to say about Media Buy, and 99% of internet marketers I know don’t use it! What a shame. Of course Media Buying knowledge does not come overnight. It requires some training or you will lose your shirt quickly. But it’s just like everything we want to experience: we need to learn a bit of it first.

And to be honnest, I have seen, $2,000 media buying course and I did not learn a lot, I have been to seminars and I have not learnt a lot, or at least not to justify the $5,000 entry fees!

Media Traffic Meltdown is hands down the best Media Buy Course available to date!

I can’t go into the details of each module since there are hours of videos in there. It’s really good and I can’t recommend it enough.

So, instead, please read the reviews this product has received…

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The Media Traffic Meltdown video and PDF training explains, in its own words; ‘The essence of Media Buying.’

The information consists of approximately 3 1/2 hours worth of over the shoulder video training modules that together make a course covering Media Buying – placing an add on someone’s web real estate.

This is broken down in to 10 videos mp4s ranging in length from just over 7, to 42 minutes along with a very professional looking graphics page.

There is a nice use of Mind mapping documents that come with the vids, to help with the understanding of the process explained in the Video’s. There are also some good PDF document versions of some of the modules, with good, clear diagrams and well-formatted layout throughout. These are far more than mere transcriptions of the videos, and could easily be sold independently of the video section of the program and stand up as a good product in their own right. There are also some other bonuses that come with the package.

The course gives a Good definition of media buying – and how best to format your adds on other peoples websites in order to get traffic Targeted directly from those websites. It teaches that to get results in this business is a consequence of targeting your right demographic, tracking your results and constantly improving your conversions.

Another very good section of the course focuses on using distribution networks for placing your ads before going out on your own and another module explains how to buy advertising space for a certain amount of time.

The course carries the audience to an online world of advertising outside of Google and also demonstrates the pitfalls of building your business around one traffic source – directly from the experience of the narrator.

There is a great section covering the use of websites such as Alexa and and the Module entitled ‘Talking the talk’ gives a good insight into the lingo and terms used in the media buying industry.

The training continues to delve in to the intimate details of choosing a target audience using some precision targeting methods and then highlights the sites and strategies to use to place your ad in the virtual real estate that is going to bring in the greatest returns, as it is most suitable for your target audience.

It goes on to teach how to increase your Click Through rate and how to create your own banners on the fly along with the different types of banner adds and where to place your adds on the page for ‘Exploding’ conversions. This is a very through section on making your own banner adds including good quality animated ones.

Also covered are conversion rate higher Testing EPC –Impressions – and Facebook media traffic along with registering your business and mobile media.

I would say that someone that is new to Media buying, and wants to use this course to teach them should expect a bit of a learning curve and will have to go through the training vids a few times to put the systems explained to use, but the clear explanations are very methodical and thorough and the guy teaching the course clearly knows his stuff.

This course is certainly not ‘Push button’ or a strategy that is going to make you rich overnight with no effort or work. It is however, one of the most complete and concise trainings that I have had the pleasure of undergoing and would have no issues paying the full price – which I would say was a bargain.

Although I have been made aware of Media buying from the live stage training of people such as Scott Rewick , I have never seen a course that literally covers all the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of the business in such graphic detail and have been pretty much riveted to my computer screen for the last two evenings with the rewind button in my QuickTime player getting a serious hammering!


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